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Is this you?

  • Kind, collaborative, evidence-based SLP/SLPA interested in school-based services.
  • Seeking FT/PT opportunity to serve students with minimal bureaucracy and maximal appreciation.
  • Looking for a company where a speech pathologist chooses the position based on manageability.
  • Seeking an opportunity to provide supervision the way that you have always wanted to supervise (double the ASHA standard – triple in the initial months).  Sole focus of supervision time is supervision: no juggling other responsibilities.
  • Seeking a school placement to provide services while managing family or private practice commitments.

This is us!

Pacific Coast Speech Services is owned by two local practicing speech pathologists, Louise Valente and Annette Crotty. Our goal is to fully support high-quality speech pathologists who serve students in local, carefully chosen districts and school positions with excellence. Our SLPs are uniformly amazing, whether they are supported clinical fellows, PT clinicians who also own private practices, or retirees who continue to be excited about supporting our local schools.

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You always have my back

How we are different

  • SLP owner carefully selects our contracts based on 30 years of information about our school community.
  • Districts and specific contracts chosen for their manageability, and their alignment with your professional preferences
  • Clinicians chosen carefully for their enthusiasm for the critical support of students and educational teams. Positive, supportive attitudes permeate our culture!
  • Clinicians fully supported throughout the contract. We’ve got you covered through online resources, consulting experts, and “stressbusters” when needed.
  • Consistent goal as owners: minimal bureaucracy, maximum support and appreciation for your hard work.
  • Secondary goal: long-term relationships with both our districts and our clinicians. We have had a number of contractors for 10 years or more!
  • All contracts are chosen based on 30 years of knowledge of local districts.
  • We remain committed to our mission to provide exceptional services to our favorite districts.
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Yes. Based on STRS requirements, we can contract and place you in a school setting, following specific rules. Contracting for limited hours is a great way to maintain skills and earn additional income while setting your own pace. Retirees often choose to fill maternity leaves and keep the rest of the year open to travel.

We do have opportunities arise; however, most schools are closed in the summer. If you are interested in summer opportunities, please contact us.

Yes, either by one of our clinicians, the district staff, or both. We also provide tips sheets for working within specific districts, and have a collection of forms, tips, and materials on our Google Documents library.

No. Our contracts are completed in school settings, although we do occasionally work in non-public school settings.

Pacific Coast Speech Services serves schools within Orange County and portions of Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Northern San Diego Counties.  If you live outside of those borders, we may be able to refer.

If you accept a contract, begin work, and discover an issue, we provide additional support and brainstorm together to create solutions. We have excellent relationships with our district administrators, and work well together.

We review possible placements with you, involving you in choosing a site. If issues arise, we quickly intervene to solve them. We never pressure our clinicians to accept assignments: if you decline, we ask more questions to find a better fit. Our clinicians are uniformly fantastic, and we appreciate them.

Yes. Contracting is a great way to assure a steady stream of income while you build your practice. One of our contractors resigned from a staff position and spent a few months developing and initiating a private practice. She determined how much time she would like to work for PCSS to supplement her practice. Each year thereafter, she adjusted her hours upward or downward based on her goals for the year.

No. We are choosy about our clinicians. If you are offered a “slot” after our interview process is complete, you can choose to accept or decline. If you accept, we will begin developing suggestions for a specific position. You are free to explore other opportunities while we work on your placement. You are not committed to a contract until you have accepted a specific position.

Yes, we do hire a select number of SLP-As. Our SLP-As work primarily with speech-language pathologists employed by Pacific Coast Speech Services. Email us for more information!

Our practice centers on providing evidence-based therapy; emphasizing the service of students with kindness and attention paid to individual needs. All factors affecting educational progress are considered and honored. We start with the idea that every student deserves to be seen as a whole person with unique strengths and challenges. We seek speech pathologists who engender this attitude. When building our team, we look for a diverse range of clinician experiences to best support student needs.

Pacific Coast Speech is committed to fostering a diverse workforce, and maintaining a workplace that is equitable, inclusive and safe for all employees. From recruiting practices, to pay and benefits, and all other aspects of employment, an environment of equity is of the utmost importance. We recognize that our employees comprise a wide range of backgrounds and characteristics, and believe those differences should be celebrated and valued. Individual employees contribute their experience as humans, and ultimately to the knowledge and expertise that make our employees valuable assets of the company.


You have created a culture of trust, collaboration and positivity.
-SLP, Riverside County
Stressbusting for other SLPs is perfect for retirement, and your model for CF supervision is ideal.
-SLP, San Bernardino County
The caliber of your therapists is a direct reflection of the leadership that you and Annette provide.
-SLP, San Diego County
My schedule allows me to balance my personal and professional goals.
-SLP, Los Angeles County
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