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  • Our SLPs complete supportable/defensible assessments to build focused IEP plans.
  • We follow and defend CA/Federal eligibility criterion.
  • Our SLPs prioritize effective curriculum support, nurturing teacher and parent collaboration.
  • We’ve represented districts with advocates and high-profile parents for more than 30 years.
  • Our SLPs and SLPAs blend with your team seamlessly, consistently conveying kindness and respect.
  • Our SLP owners provide practical, and if needed hands-on support to our clinicians – thereby assisting district administrators.
  • We are a Nonpublic Agency, a state certification of our assurance to comply with special education regulations such as fingerprinting & licensing.
  • We complete contracts for maternity or medical leaves and summer compensatory services with part and full-time clinicians.


Review our Track Record-Why Choose PCSS

  • 30 years focusing ONLY on serving the needs of school administrators and high-quality SLPs/SLPAs. We grew by referrals – we flourish by referrals.
  • Two SLP co-owners who are committed to providing exceptional service by supporting amazing SLPs. Most consistent comment: “When I contract a position with PCSS, I know that everything will flow smoothly all year, and my biggest issue will be saying goodbye to another excellent SLP.”
  • Consistency. It’s not just our best SLPs who receive superior satisfaction ratings: it’s all of them. You can depend on it.
  • ZERO due process decisions against our services – in 30 years.
  • SLPs hired for their passion for excellence and their school experience.
  • 100% focus on the schools in our 75-mile radius of Southern California.
  • Clinical fellows supervised by PCSS at no cost. Supervision is completed by local, onsite SLPs, providing double the CA standard of assistance – triple for the first three months. All clinicians consistently mentored.

What is the Process?

One Contact to Set Up a Contract
No recruiters and dozens of resumes. You call/email ONE person: Louise Valente 714-731-6630. Louise uses her expertise as a school-based SLP, and hand picks the right SLP from our proven staff. Our team is permanent – not transient. Some have worked for us for more than 15 years! Our clinicians are chosen for their knowledge, as well as their attitude of supportive team collaboration.

One Contact to Maintain the Financial Contract
You call Annette Crotty 714-389-9227. She creates the contract, provides the NPA/financial documentation, supports your district’s individual documentation needs, and attends regular trainings on Medicaid billing to ensure that our clinicians are maximizing your reimbursement. As a speech pathologist, she effectively reviews documentation with an eye toward ensuring defensibility.

One Contact for Clinical Support
Louise Valente begins every contract by contacting the school administrator and program specialist if appropriate. She is accessible and supportive of both the district and the placed clinician at all times. She measures school-level satisfaction regularly, resulting in happy principals, parents, and team members.

Independent Evaluations/Compensatory Services
We do not have a free-standing clinic, but we do provide compensatory services onsite. Questions? Contact us.

Service Area

Here’s our service area map! If you are outside that area, feel free to contact us. We have contacts outside of our area that may be helpful.

Click here for a detailed Service Area Map.


Yes, as part of our NPA certification process, we verify licenses and credentials, and perform DOJ and FBI fingerprinting and background checks.
PCSS carries liability insurance, malpractice insurance and workers compensation insurance. If your district has specific needs, let us know!
When our clinicians have questions about their caseload, we normally suggest that they contact us first, thereby saving district staff time and effort. If we can’t answer their question, or it relates to district policies or legal questions, PCSS seeks answers from your district administration.
You can rely on our documented history of satisfied customers and our well prepared and experienced clinicians. Every district or school has slightly different policies and requirements. Typically, a seasoned district clinician or coordinator has a brief meeting with our SLP member in the first few days that we are in a setting. We ask for any available policies and procedures manuals, and briefly discuss any IEPs that need clarification. We are also careful to check with the site IEP team members regarding current student needs. We listen carefully to IEP team members throughout the contract for any procedures specific to your site. Of course, the final authority on compliance is always the administrator at each specific IEP setting.

Yes. Pacific Coast Speech Services, Inc. has been a certified nonpublic agency since 1995. A Nonpublic Agency (NPA) is a designation made by the special education division of the California Department of Education. Our certification allows your district to start services immediately. You are assured that we have taken care of details like fingerprinting and references. By approving our agency, the state certifies we meet specific standards required by law.

Pacific Coast Speech Services serves Orange County and portions of Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Northern San Diego counties. View Map If your site falls outside of those borders, we may be able to refer you to other options.

Our newsletter is designed for school-based clinicians, but also valuable for administrators. We shoot for quick, actionable tips for continuous improvement in school settings. Our bell curve and the communication cake are seen within IEP meeting rooms throughout the area. Subscribe here, or check our sample articles for administrator favorites.

When we have a clinician that worked out of state, or a clinician that is new to the schools, we provide training materials and assign a PCSS mentor to that person to ensure that they will follow Southern California IEP compliance standards. Our current staff includes one school-based clinician new to California, and none that are new to school-based services. Most have had years – sometimes decades – meeting IEP needs.

Satisfaction Ratings
Principals & Administrators

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Administrator Resources

It has been a seamless transition!
-Administrator, Orange County
I’m not sure how you do it. Every clinician you present for an interview hits it out of the park. How do you get a home run every time?
-Lead SLP, Los Angeles County
Your clinician is exceptional at IEPs!
-Program Administrator, Riverside County
I learned a tremendous amount from your team and will be forever grateful for the experiences we had together.
-Principal, San Diego County
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