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  • Supportable/defensible assessments to build focused IEP plans
  • Nonpublic Agency, compliant with CA/Federal eligibility criteria
  • Effective curriculum support, encouraging parent collaboration
  • Collaborated with CA districts in fair hearing/due process when needed
  • Blend with your team seamlessly, consistently conveying professionalism, kindness and respect
  • Direct clinical support for our staff, from our SLP directors/supervisors, throughout the academic year
  • Full/partial school year contracts covering employee leaves, compensatory services & extended school year
  • Part-time & Full-Time high-quality SLPs & SLPAs available to serve you


  • Intentionally supporting So Cal schools for 36 years within a 100-mile radius of Southern California
  • Founded by two local SLPs to  support their community with exceptional service
  • Sample administrator comment: “When I contract a position with PCSS, I know that everything will flow smoothly all year”
  • Our clinicians consistently receive superior satisfaction ratings from district teams
  • ZERO due process decisions against our services – in 36 years
  • SLPs new to school settings, mentored by experienced clinicians
  • Clinical fellows supervised by local PCSS SLPs  at no cost to your district at double the CA required standard
  • Aligned with the Point Quest Group, also offering you behavioral, OT, PT and other related services

What is the Process?

Setting Up a Contract
No recruiters and dozens of resumes. Our SLP administrators, familiar with our local schools, will hand pick the right SLP/SLPA from our proven staff.  Clinicians stay with us forever, some for more than 15 years! We choose clinicians  based on knowledge of eligibility and compliance standards, as well as their attitude towards supportive team collaboration. Start here to connect to our team.

Maintaining the Financial Contract Simplified financial processes. Our team can supplies the NPA/financial documentation to support your district’s individual needs. Our clinicians bill Medicaid monthly to ensure that your district’s reimbursement is maximized.

Obtaining Clinical Support
Speech pathologist leadership is immediately accessible to both your district and our clinician at any time throughout the contract. PCSS measures school-level satisfaction regularly, resulting in happy principals, parents, and team members.

Independent Evaluations/Compensatory Services
We provide compensatory services for our district partners; both onsite or via teletherapy. We do not have a clinic location. Questions? Contact us.

Service Area

Here’s our service area map! If you are outside that area, feel free to contact us. We have contacts outside of our area that may be helpful, including our Point Quest Group partner companies.

Click here for a detailed Service Area Map.


Yes. Pacific Coast Speech Services has been a Nonpublic Agency (NPA) since 1995 assuring we are a reliable, compliant source of district educational services. We take care of details such as DOJ fingerprinting and HR regulations so that services in your district can begin immediately.

PCSS Completes:

  • DOJ and FBI fingerprinting and NPA requirements such as DOJ scans, TB tests & trainings
  • Required insurance to meet your district’s needs
  • Presentation of select clinicians, chosen for compliance and specific knowledge addressing your caseload

District Supplies:

  • Resource contacts for questions regarding your unique district preferences
  • Site based instructions and contacts for MediCal billing

You can rely on our documented history of satisfied customers and our well prepared school-based clinicians. PCSS clinicians have a detailed start-up procedures manual with recommendations on eligibility and compliance. However, we understand that every district has slightly different policies. Our clinicians typically meet with a seasoned district clinician or coordinator at the start of a new site. We ask for additional forms & guidelines specific to your district. We continue to listen to IEP team members and administration for final guidance.    

Most of our clinicians have had years, sometimes decades of school-based experience. If we have a clinician that worked out of state, or is new to the schools, we provide training materials and assign a PCSS mentor at no additional cost to your district to  ensure compliance. Clinical Fellows are supervised at double the CA licensing standard by PCSS SLP leaders in the community at no cost to you.

When our clinicians have questions about their caseload, they typically contact us first, saving district staff time and effort. If we can’t answer their question, or it relates to district policies or legal questions, PCSS seeks answers from your district administration.

Pacific Coast Speech Services serves Orange County and portions of Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. View Map If your site falls outside of those borders, we may be able to refer you our Point Quest Group affiliates that cover other areas of California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona and Idaho.

Absolutely! Our resources are designed to be immediately actionable tips for clinicians and administrators.  Subscribe here, for our newsletter.

Satisfaction Ratings
Principals & Administrators

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Administrator Resources

It has been a seamless transition!
-Administrator, Orange County
I’m not sure how you do it. Every clinician you present for an interview hits it out of the park. How do you get a home run every time?
-Lead SLP, Los Angeles County
Your clinician is exceptional at IEPs!
-Program Administrator, Riverside County
I learned a tremendous amount from your team and will be forever grateful for the experiences we had together.
-Principal, San Diego County
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