CONGRATULATIONS to our new professionals who just received their Certificate of Clinical Competence! Those CCCs were hard to come by, and now they are yours!

Continuing education requirements can be confusing! In California, you need CEUs for both your California license and also for ASHA CCCs maintenance.

ASHA:  Here is a link to a wonderful cheat sheet by Natalie Snyders.  If you need additional details, check the source – ASHA page on Certification Maintenance. Note: if you just received your CCCs, your CEUs won’t begin to count until January 1, 2022.

CALIFORNIA LICENSE:  Here is a link to CEU Maintenance for the California Speech Pathologist License.  Note that the renewal interval is only two years (instead of three for ASHA) and there are specific requirements regarding live and “self-study” units. The renewal period begins immediately upon receipt of your permanent license.

Recommendations:  Most CA speech pathologists keep their CEU records filed by year so that they can ensure they meet the requirements for each year, since the intervals do not align for the state and ASHA.  In general, the CA licensing requirements are more rigorous than the ASHA requirements. As you continue in your career, you may also need specific CEUs to supervise.

You DO receive reminder notifications from ASHA, the CTC and CA licensing when your renewal is close.  However, make a plan to check these renewal dates regularly and renew them in a timely fashion.