Who needs Convenient Interactive CEUs?

Have you considered using district professional development days to earn interactive CEUs? For $200 for 2 years, your district can become a CA Professional Development Provider for the SLP/SLPA work group.The application is simple; approval is listed on the application at 3 – 4 weeks. All that is needed is one speech pathologist or administrator to submit their resume as the facilitator. The CEU hours count for both ASHA and California licensing.

Logistics are straightforward. Would you prefer a whole group experience, or to break up into small groups? Consider what would strengthen your practice, and create functional objectives. Note: you must have two or more people working together to make the units “interactive” vs. self-study.

How will you measure knowledge learned? In our practice, this might be creating a collection of new resources on a topic, such as selective mutism, and discussing best practices. In another case, a small group of SLPs made a handout of ideas for facilitating AAC at home. Submit your plan to the SLP facilitator. The qualifying guidelines for activities are straightforward (must be directly relevant to our scope of practice), and no outside pre-approval is required.

At the close of the CEU day, meet the SLPAB standard for testing knowledge in the most functional manner.   Consider a document or tool to share, or it can be something more traditional like a Google Doc with questions such as, “What are 3 things you learned today that you will be applying to your current caseload?” The leader then issues the certificate of completion to those in attendance. Clinicians maintain their own certificates and notes in their personal CEU files in case of a personal audit, and the leader keeps a copy in a PDP work group file.

How could you meet guidelines while minimizing preparation time/maximizing value?

Idea #1: Great Ideas Session. Each SLP and SLPA chooses one great activity/website/technology hack/ Google form that saves them time and improves practice. They take 5 – 10 minutes to demonstrate the idea. We have all learned so many new techniques since March 2020, and haven’t had time to share our favorites with each other! In one case this year, an SLP presented her tool on Zoom and simply recorded it for future reference.

Idea #2:  A case study. An SLP brings a challenging case to the group, with names redacted. The group presents the IEP and evaluation. The group brainstorms on functional methods to address student needs.

Idea #3: Expert panel. We all have SLPs with specific expertise in our work group. What about a Q&A with your AAC expert? A tour of organizational strategies from your favorite computer wiz? A “Tips and Tricks” talk with the leader on literacy and language?

Idea #4: Invite an aligned professional to talk to your group about integrating sensory supports or functional behavior analysis. Break it up with a “Make and Take” where you create tools to meet student needs.

Here’s a link to the list of current CA Professional Development Providers for speech service providers. Here’s the application for your district/work group to become authorized for $200/2 years.

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