Featured Websites for AAC Assessment

They are ALL AWESOME! One of our SLPs recently learned some great tips at an excellent in-service on how to complete/assist with an AAC evaluation. Here are some resources from that presentation:

DAGG-2:   Dynamic AAC Goals Grid-2. To systematically assess an individual’s current skills and assist partners in developing a plan for communicative independence. Remember: there are no prerequisites for the use of AAC!

AAC Evaluation Genie: Helps to build a framework for selecting an appropriate augmentative device. 13 sub-tests in English and Spanish administrations available. Apple app: $12.99 including a quick start guide and video instruction.

Tips to Assist a Student with Device Use: Linda Burkhart’s site has many free and practical presentations to help SLPs who want to build their skills. This article summarizes the “reminders” for those of us who aren’t experts but want to improve.

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