Our guess is that some of you may be investing in new technology over the break:  perhaps a new iPad is on your list? Since our main goal over the Winter Recess is RECOVERY,  we know you want a quick and easy way to get your new toy up and functioning.  

Our two go-to sources for information on apps are the fantastic Angela Moorad’s Omazing Kids site and Sean Sweeney’s amazing SLP App List.  Both have lists of apps by GOAL and price! WAHOO!!! Check out Sean’s other content on SpeechTechie and consider signing up for his newsletter. He is stellar at discussing how to use an app as a starting point to address curricular needs.   

Here is a direct link to Angela’s list. She came out of retirement just to support our SLP community with updated information on technology, AAC tools, and mindfulness.    

Huge thanks go to both of these dedicated professionals. In this time of reflection, our staff and Directors give thanks for our incredibly dedicated and flexible community of SLPs. We are STEPPING UP to this challenge in so many cohesive ways. Our response as a group makes Annette and I so proud to be speech-language pathologists!