Shout out to the 2020-2021 CFs who are still standing this year! You are going to be our profession’s rock stars. Stepping in amid the tumult, showing the grit to have a double learning curve (regular and COVID edition), and demonstrating the patient innovation needed to survive when those around you are struggling, is something of which to be very proud.

As a profession, and as a practice, we appreciate all of the Clinical Fellows making their way this year. Whether you work for Pacific Coast Speech Services or another agency/school, we are guessing this has been the biggest challenge of your life. We virtually toast your tenacity! We also acknowledge how wonderful it is to have brand new SLPs in our field who have used telepractice and online techniques in their graduate programs. For those of us learning on the fly, your skills are invaluable!

We are just beginning to plan some new resources for the class of 2021. We’d love to hear about what you recommend!