Our CFs this year are amazing: we’ve got their back, and they have received fantastic reviews from their school sites. We asked one of our newest CFs how they chose PCSS, and how it’s going.

 “My supervisor in my internship knew that PCSS did an outstanding job, and suggested that I contact you. I reviewed the website, and was really impressed with the clinical support and testimonials.

The interview felt really different because you were SLPs: you understood the struggles of a school SLP, but also everything good that comes from it. You gave me so much information on the clinical side, it just felt really different from my other interviews. The supervision was a big factor. I love my school, my team, and my supervisor.  I’m so happy – it’s a dream come true.”

At PCSS, all CF support is completed by supervisors, rated as superior by their fellows. They are assisted by our SLP owners. Supervisors are paid on an hourly basis for taking CF skills from excellent to superior. PCSS expect supervisors to provide at least double the ASHA/CA standard of support in the first segment. When they are supervising, they are not juggling other responsibilities – it is their sole focus. Check our Indeed reviews for more detailed comments from previous CFs!    

We welcome informational calls. Louise, our Director of Staffing, is always happy to support a fellow professional. If you are a prospective Clinical Fellow, we invite you to subscribe to our Graduate Student Resources for practical tips for the transition from student to CF.