When I joined PCSS nine years ago, I was an SLP with 20 years of experience in almost every facet of our profession, but I was frustrated and losing my passion. I talked to Louise and was happily surprised that she actually described the exact potential school setting, caseload needs, and potential “site issues” before asking me to take the plunge.

My assignments have been from one to five years in length. I make the choice of where I work and whether or not I would like to remain at a site from year to year. When challenges arise, Louise and Annette are consistently there to step in. They handle and solve the issues. As a Speech-Language Pathologist who loves the hands-on, and is not so excited about dealing with the contractual end of our profession, PCSS has been and continues to be the ideal blend of professionalism, teamwork, friendship and opportunities for ongoing professional growth.

PCSS allows me to stay passionate and provide state of the art evaluations and therapy. I’ll NEVER leave PCSS.

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