Congratulations to Lisa Chattler:  CSHA Fellow of the Association 2021   

Congratulations to PCSS Employee, Lisa Chattler, who will be honored as the CSHA Fellow of the Association at this year’s conference. Only one California clinician is receiving this prestigious award from the California Speech and Hearing Association in 2021. Lisa has presented numerous times at ASHA and CSHA conventions on topics related to autism, social communication, and professional issues; has taught at three of our local universities; and has supported a wide variety of CSHA and ASHA’s strategic objectives. After a long career as a leader in Los Alamitos School District, Lisa joined Pacific Coast Speech Services as a clinical fellowship supervisor and service provider in 2019. We are so grateful for a lifetime of friendship with this amazing leader. Our profession and practice is stronger because of Lisa. We’ll be tuning into the award ceremony on Thursday, March 11th at 10:00. Here’s to Lisa!