Generalization:  A New Idea using Readers Theater

 It’s Spring: are you looking for a new way to engage your students who are generalizing skills? How about a Readers Theater?

We all know that using our skills in different contexts builds generalization. Start with these ideas, and then spring off into students creating their own dialogues. With COVID precautions, could you create paper bag puppets? Here’s some background support for how Readers Theater supports the curriculum.

Starter Links for Readers Theater:

Readers Theater for Articulation, Language, and Fluency by Speech Language Pirates

Readers Theater for Articulation by Nicole Allison

Readers Theater Linked to Literacy using Billy Goats Gruff

Readers Theater for Distance Learners

Ready to dive in deeper?  Here’s a comprehensive set of books that includes both language and articulation topics – and it’s ON SALE! Claudia Doan’s Language Theatre Series through Northern Speech Services.