Moving Forward – Teletherapy Materials for In-Seat Learning

Hybrid, In-Seat and Distance Learning: Oh My!! This has undoubtedly been one of the most…unusual years of our careers. Some of you have been operating under hybrid or in-seat conditions for a while, and most of the rest are returning in the next few weeks. All of you are creeping toward the finish line, and need fast ways to flexibly treat students while protecting your health. This newsletter features some quick ideas for in-seat services after a year of becoming more comfortable with tele-practice.

Featured Tech Corner: Adapting Digital Materials for In-Seat Instruction

We are so glad to see our students, but we will miss some of our new favorite Boom Cards, Powerpoints, and other digital tools. How can we keep our students engaged for in-seat work while protecting ourselves? A recent Facebook post on our favorite group, School SLP Resources COVID-19, had some fantastic suggestions. Thanks, hive mind, especially Marcy Grant Hendrix and Gaby Dormas!

Idea #1:  If you have a Smart Board, use it! If not, try to rustle up a projector from district storage! Some SLPs are finding that a white board/butcher paper and projector with an adapter cord can create opportunities to continue to use favorite digital inter-actives with both in-seat and distance learners. One clever SLP even ordered a set of wireless mice for her group members, and uses a multiple USB port so that they can take turns without sharing the mouse.

Idea #2:  A second screen. Many schools have extra monitors or even TVs in storage. These can easily connect to your laptop or iPad with a simple adapter cord. An older Chromebook will work too!

Idea #3:  An iPad and laptop. Many people have found this combination helpful during distance learning. Gallon sized disposable bags (either twist tie for single use or Zip lock for sterilizing) still allow touch. Best for individual sessions.

Featured Resource: Green Screen Speech Therapy for All Ages in a Pizza Box! 

You have most certainly heard of using a green screen to assist you with tele-practice, and very likely know about the rock stars Serena Murison, SLP and Kylie Jeffrey, OT who started Green Screen Speech Therapy for Distance Learning. Now that many of us are transitioning back to in-seat services, how about making COVID-friendly green screen videos with your students? Would this be an easy and fun way to address multiple goals?

Reduce your sanitizing by using personal manila folder puppets and Starbucks green straws! With a pizza box, green poster board, and an iPad or phone, you could easily create a quick studio for the students to record. Here’s a 5-minute tutorial to get you started. If iMovie is overwhelming, for $3 you can use a simple app called DoInk. This is the simplest DoInk tutorial we found.The Facebook group above has a wonderful tutorial section on how to get set up in your classroom if you struggle. Middle/high school-aged? How about creating social stories about common dilemmas and situations instead of “talking them through?”

Fall Happenings: Make a Referral!   

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SLP, SLPAs and CFs, thank you to each one of you for your steel backbone and rubber band flexibility this year. We are stronger professionals with bigger toolboxes after COVID-19. None of us would have survived without collaboration. You are appreciated!!

District Administrators, you have inspired us with your ability to constantly pivot this year, providing your staff with direction in an ever-changing educational planet. We appreciate you!

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